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  • Do not drag any objects placed on the furniture. Objects should be lifted and moved for the purpose of cleaning, redecorating, relocating, etc.
  • Regularly dust the furniture with a dry and lint-free cloth to maintain the quality and appearance of the product.
  • The polish on your furniture is sensitive to liquids. You can blot liquid spills with a clean, dry, lint-free and white cloth but do not rub or use abrasive cleaners, as this may damage the furniture. We recommend that you avail professional services should the furniture become stained or suffer any other damage.
  • Do not lean backward on chairs and rock the chairs on their back legs as this weakens the wood joinery.
  • The brass accents/detailing on the furniture are coated with clear PU and can be cleaned using a soft clean cloth. Please do not use any external cleaning agent on brass.
  • We recommend that you place all furniture away from direct sunlight in order to preserve its polish and color.
  • Please avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat or placing it near any heat-emitting source. (radiators, heaters, cigarette smoke and cooking fumes)
  • Avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics, haircare products, makeup products, cleaning products, perfumes, etc.
  • Keep the furniture away from sharp products and abrasive surfaces such as jewelry or metallic accessories.


  • We recommend periodic cleaning of all upholstery with light vacuuming, a soft brush, or a white cloth.
  • Any liquid spills may be blotted with a soft, white and lint-free cloth. In case of staining in the fabric, do not use any abrasive and/or harsh cleaners that may harm the fabric.
  • Avoid direct or indirect exposure to sunlight to keep the colour of the upholstery on your furniture from fading.
  • Prevent contact of the upholstered furniture with any sharp objects.
  • Cushions with poly fiber filling should be routinely patted back into shape.
  • To prevent any distortion or damage to the upholstered furniture avoid jumping on it or sitting on the arms of the furniture.
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